Julie B. Booth










Artist’s Statement

I began creating soft sculptured figures in 1993, the result of reading  Julia Cameron’s, The Artist’s Way. While writing in my journal, I began to remember the handcrafted dolls I received from my grandparents’ travels to foreign countries. Memories of the textures and colors of these folk art dolls sparked my desire to create my own.

My most recent work takes two distinct directions. The first—increasingly stylized and simplified figurative wall pieces and sculptures. The simple shapes form a canvas on which I combine multiple layers of block printing, appliqué, hand quilting, hand stitching and beadwork. Often these shapes take on both “human” and “animal” characteristics blurring the line between the two. I enjoy playing with the ambiguity of these simple forms.

The other direction is sculptures built around a wire armature. In the “Chair Series”, I have appliquéd raw edged fabrics with multiple layers of stitching and the addition of beadwork. Each piece has a human face…adding the human element yet again, but continuing to blur the lines between what is human and “non” human.